Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 335; Looking For What's Wrong

Looking for What’s Wrong

We all know someone (and maybe it’s us) who wakes up in the morning looking for all of the wrong they can find in anything they can see.
When I was younger, I disliked these folks greatly, but now that I have an AARP card, and live in the south, I feel for them and say things like “Bless their hearts.”
Seeking wrong in everything is a tremendous burden; it fills the heart of the seeker with all the sludge they go looking for.
The job of the Wrong Seekers is getting much easier though. All you have to do is stand in line at a grocery store or turn on the news or internet. There you will see all that has gone wrong in the lives of young starlets, politicians and even the boy next door.
Still, the job of a seeker is to seek, so the sludge on the surface is not always enough, they must seek the little details of things no one has seen or heard, and then they can spread their new finds among those who seem just a little bit too light in their step.
There will always be things that need to be repaired, fixed and corrected and we should always be about the business of being better, but you cannot wallow in what is wrong—it will not make you right.
I’m not saying that we should go through life with blinders on; I’m saying that we should take them off. Nothing is all good, but nothing is all bad.
If all you can see is death and destruction, it’s time to reboot.
Be you, be well, be whole.
Bertice Berry, PhD.


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