Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Certain and the Unknown

The Certain and the Unknown

I  had a call with a client about an upcoming event. During our talk, we discussed the changes and transformation the organization was going through. 

The call was informative and all business like until the senior executive said something that went through my very soul.

This woman who has worked hard and long to achieve the big title she has, said that her organization was going through loads of change; some good, some not so good.

She went on to say that the company was experiencing a lot of unknowns but that they also had a great deal of certainty.

I asked her to repeat what she’d just said and when she did, my heart actually danced and I had those chills you get when you feel the expectancy of something  good.

We all have unknowns, but still, there are certainties.

Too often, we lean into the worry and concern around the unknowns. Our mind flips through every negative “what-if,” in our rolodex of fear and we fail to realize that we can also choose to imagine the positive.

What are the certainties in your life?

What do you know that you know that you know?

Keeping in mind that your brain does not really know the difference between what is real and what is imagined and that stress affects you whether founded in the real or the imagined, what can you imagine better?

I’ve been sitting here watching the clouds of what could be that much talked about tropical storm. I remember how my mother would make us unplug everything, turn off all lights and sit far away from the windows.

I begin to worry and wonder about the giant trees and all of the glass on my house, but then I lean into the certainties.

I know that these trees have been here for hundreds of years.

I know that God is love.

I imagine the storm blowing back out to sea or at least waiting until everyone is safe and surrounded by love.

As I sit and meditate towards the certain, I watch as the clouds roll away and a humming bird dances in front of my window.

Life is full of unknowns; it’s also full of certainty. Choose your seat and sit down.

BE you, be well, be loved.

Bertice Berry, PhD.