Monday, December 1, 2014

Making Peace by Stopping...

The Battle that Begins in You

Last week I received a note from our mail carrier. She informed me that my trash can was in her way and that if I did not move it to another space, then she would stop delivering my mail.

I was a tad miffed---okay, I was ready to give her a piece of my mind, but then my heart offered itself as a sacrifice instead.

As I calmed down I imagined the mail carrier in her truck attempting to drive up to my mailbox. Instead of being able to pull up and put mail in the box, she would have to get out of her truck and walk around my can.

My head got in the way again and began to complain about how much later the mail had been coming since she started on our route, and again my heart interceded showing me the countless number of others who had been negligent in the placement of their cans as well.

At that moment, my foot began to remind me of its injury and the reason why my trash can had been all over the place.

While my foot had been healing from an injury, my friends and family have all been taking my trash down the long driveway for pick-up. Sometimes, it’s a tad too close to the mailbox.

I smiled at my beautiful life and the fact that folks love me enough to take out my trash.

My heart told me to simply apologize to the mail carrier. I asked my heart if she had lost her mind and she said that she was my true mind, so I smiled and did as I was told.

I wrote a note to the mail carrier and in it I apologized and explained the reason for the mis-placement of the can. Then I thanked her for doing her job with purpose and my own heart smiled at me.

That day, I received another note and this time, the mail carrier was thanking me.

This morning, the can has been moved so both the sanitation driver and the mail carrier can do their job without interruption.

Ask yourself the following,

Am I in the way of someone else’s job?

How can I help lighten the load of others?

Who do I owe an apology to?

How can I help keep a battle from happening?

What happens when I move from my head to my heart?

Now, what happens when I use the wisdom of both?

Maybe the world is a beautiful place but it needs us to believe that it is and then make it so.

Be you, be well, be beautiful.

Bertice Berry, PhD.