Monday, March 26, 2018


Restored Revived Resurrected

 There are times when even I feel like I am powerless. I sometimes feel like I’m not making a difference and I while I believe, I need help in my unbelief. Sometimes I feel like I’m preaching to a choir that no longer wants to sing.

Then something simple happens to remind me of just how amazing and powerful this journey is.

I got a message from someone who follows someone who follows me. They said that a young exchange student from South Africa wanted to go to church and because I had been posting about my church, they thought I might be able to help.
Say no more. The young woman came to Christ Church Episcopal and she brought a friend, an exchange student from Ukraine. Church was packed, so the young women sat in the balcony with others who made them feel welcomed and loved. (Which is why I’m always posting about these wonderful folks.)

When church was over, we went to lunch and as we sat waiting for our table, I told them about my friend and sister Brynn who has always had an exchange student. Just as I said it, Brynn’s husband walked by. He and Brynn were having lunch there. He shared the magical changes that were happening for them and I was reminded to always believe.

We sat down for lunch and one of the young women asked if I had recently been to Savannah Tech and I told her yes. She laughed with joy and said, “You stopped in my classroom and I told myself that I needed to know you.”

This young woman from Ukraine had been taking an ESL class in the Bertice Berry Change and Transformation classrooms.

We are more powerful than we know. We possess the ability to make a difference in the lives of those we meet.

This Holy week, ask yourself how you can be revived, renewed and resurrected.
Be You, Be Well, Be Resurrected.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

Monday, March 19, 2018

The Long Road

The Long Road


Life is a series of roads. We are all moving towards one goal or another. We measure and mark the journey with milestones and makers of completion, but sometimes, we need to take a long look back.

I’ve had to do that a lot lately. It took a crazy flu to make me slow down and take a rest.

When you go through life full-speed, it’s difficult to see what you pass; or what you’ve left behind.
I don’t have regrets, but I know that I’ve missed some things.

So, for three weeks of going nowhere and saying very little, I was forced to look back.

This journey has been beautiful. It’s been fraught with obstacles and detours. I have gotten off track and back on again, but when I slow down and look closely, I can hear the ancestors telling me to “go ‘head.”

I can hear God saying, “You are my beloved, in you I am well pleased.”

And I can hear the children from the future saying I’m so glad that I knew her. I am so glad that she showed me love.

Stay the course Dear Hearts, but take a moment to look back and know that you are marvelous.

Be you Be Well Be Marvelous

Bertice Berry, PhD.