Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 333: When Your Children Become You

Up all night

When Your Children Become You

For the past two nights, my daughter has played host to a motley crew of students seeking to complete a film project. Of course she told them that they could film it here and of course she agreed that a start time of 10:30 in the evening would work out perfectly.
Now, I go to sleep rather early, so on the first night, the students who went bump in the night were not that much of a bother, but last night when the filming moved from downstairs to the same level as my bedroom, I was somewhat put-out.
Just to add life to living (I’ve decided against the whole insult to injury thing,) after the filming was done; my beautiful daughter decided that they should all sit around and talk until 3:45 in the morning.
My joy was made complete when she felt the need to come and share her evening with me.
I’m still laughing to myself, because the moment I felt that I should tell them to all go home was the moment that I recalled something important; my daughter and my son who played his guitar all night, were raised in a home where guests were always welcome.
They grew up on gatherings of friends who became family and spent endless hours laughing and dancing with with them.
Yesterday, I spoke with a sister friend who told me about her daughter’s free riding adventures as an artist and then she remembered her own.
When did we get so old that our children’s ability to replicate our behavior cannot be seen as a really good imitation of life?
Yes, I wish those young folks would have gone home sooner and I’m sure that when my mother lived with me and I threw a party she felt the same.
I’m sure that my friend’s artistic daughter feels that she can float around on her mother’s dime as long as she wants to and I’m, certain that my friend wishes that her mother could have done for her as she does for her daughter.
When our children do the same wonderful, madness that we once did, we really can’t get mad. Well, we can, but what’s the use?
They have their journey, just as we had ours and it’s time for us to sit back and smile.

Be you, be well, be wonderful.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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