Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 332: Are You Stuck?

Even nature finds a way to do something new

Are You Stuck?

Are you stuck in your routines? Does your life look like go to work, come home, microwave something, eat it, watch TV and then pray for sleep? Do you do your household chores the same way, at the same time every week? Do I read like a late-night infomercial?
If you answered yes to any of the above, or know someone who does, it’s time to be free.
Doing the thing to do the thing has never gotten the thing done. Our lives were meant to be engaged with, but it’s easy to get stuck in reverse which now that I think about it is much better than being stuck in neutral. (In reverse, you are moving.)
While it may be easy to get stuck, it’s not as easy getting unstuck. The hardest step is the realization that you have been doing the same things the same way and complaining about them for more years than is necessary.
Life is for living and then living some more. Each day brings new opportunities to sample new healthy ways of living and expressing yourself.
Yesterday, as I sat waiting for the phone repair people to come and repair our internet, I noticed that unlike my children, I was not jonesing for the net.
I’m in a period of renewal, so I’m not watching TV either, so after reading a book, a journal and a few articles, I decided to watch the birds in my backyard.
An entire world of activity opened up and when I went to tell my sister about it, she filled me in on even more. She said that she’d watch a crow take some of the old stale bread that she had thrown out to them and dip it in the water of the bird bath before he ate it.
“He softened up the bread,” Chris said in disbelief. I was as amazed as she was and then she led me to one of the many bird books we have around which pointed out how smart crows are.
So why am I talking about birds and old bread? Because getting unstuck requires that you see that you are and then see the world around you. You must look with new eyes.
I’m often reminded of the line in the movie the Matrix when Neo has been unplugged. He asks why his eyes hurt and is told that they hurt because he’s never really used them.
I feel that many of us---okay most of us, walk around not really seeing the beauty of life. Today and every day that follows, stop, look and marvel.
See the beauty of life that lies around you and don’t stop there, see the tragedy as well. Then see how everything is connected to something else and then back to its self; that beauty is tragedy and tragedy is beautiful.
The moment I miss my mother is also the moment that I know she’s with me still. When I think about how hard life is I see how wonderfully full it is also.
When I think that I am tired I come to see that I have a reason to be; I have accomplished something.
Today, start to see and then share your gift of sight.
There is a Gnostic scripture that reads, “When a sighted man and a blind man are in darkness, neither one can see, but when the lights come on, the sighted man can see.”
This passage has nothing to do with the physical ability to see; it is about your ability to perceive, to dream, to imagine and then to create.
Be you, be well, LIVE
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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