Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 322; Practice What Your Prefer

Practice What You Prefer
Yesterday, as I stood waiting for the airport security check point to open up, I watched the TSA employees set up for the start of the day. To say that they were dragging is an understatement; they were down-right weary.
Had it been just a few who had no pep and I might had chalked it up to a hard night, but the entire team moved as if they all had their own personal storm cloud hanging over them.
I was tired. I had slept only a few hours but I was energetic and decided to play a game of “I Would Rather” in my own head. It went something like this:
·         I would rather work hard with people I love than have it easy with hard people.

·         I would rather be hungry in a house of plenty than full in a place of hunger.

·         I would rather be early and stand and wait then be late and have to rush.

·         I would rather have a good conversation with a stranger than a bad one with someone I know.

·         I would rather be tired from doing good work than be tired from doing nothing.
In my morning musing, it became apparent to me that my preferences were also my patterns. I work hard, I share what I have, I arrive and prepare early. I began to wonder about what we call preferences and whether or not we truly practice them.
People say they prefer to be happy, but their patterns don’t support the claim. In other words, if you don’t like drama, why do you keep buying a ticket for the drama train?
I think what I’m saying is this; we all want this fulfilled life we call an American dream, we want to be beautiful, happy and dazzling.
You can have whatever you want; but you have to think like it and act like it.
If you want peace, prefer to be peaceful.
If you want to be dazzling and beautiful; prefer to read, learn and prepare.
If you want joy; prefer to be joyful.
That’s it for Philosophy today---now you see why I took it as a foreign language requirement.

Be you, be well, be what you desire.
Bertice Berry, PhD.


  1. I would rather wake early for a job that I loved and a livable salary than sleep late for a career of drudgery and mega buck$.