Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 329: I've Eaten Too Much and I Can't Get Up

I’ve Eaten Too Much and I Can’t Get Up

Okay, we are just two days out of the Thanksgiving Festival and folks are starting to feel the rub; you know the one I’m talking about; the one where one thigh is rubbing up against the other one and asking for permission to pass.
I’ve heard from people who tell me that they never want to eat again, and then they ask when I’ll be making a crab quiche. (I wish I was joking.)
I also wish I had a quick fix remedy for overindulging---now that I think of it, I do; don’t do it again.
Each day, we have the opportunity to do better than we did the day before.
Change rarely happens in giant leaps; it happens in small steps. The most effective change happens when you make gradual alterations on a regular basis.
While you cannot undo what you did on Thanksgiving Day, you can change the way you interact with food, alcohol, crazy relatives and on-line shopping today. Ask yourself the following:
·         What do I you truly need?
·         What can I get rid of?
·         What do I need to add to my diet, activities and life? (Start with more clean water and fresh air.)
·         Who and how can I love more deeply? (Start with YOU.)
As you look more closely at what you do, you will begin to see why you do it. Let go of the regret and shame you have for overeating and drinking and do better today; right now.
Be you, be well, be forgiven—letting go of the need for revenge and restitution
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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