Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 326: A Pre-Thanksgiving Message

A Pre-Thanksgiving Message

Thanksgiving is by far, one of my favorite holidays; not because of the macaroni and cheese, the stuffing and collard greens. It’s not about the mashed sweet potatoes or corn pudding, nor is it because of the fresh baked buttered rolls. It’s not the red velvet cake or the apple pie. I don’t wait up like a kid on Christmas morning for the coleslaw and homemade apple sauce or the fresh green beans. Yes, there will be turkey, but I’m vegetarian so my daughter’s black bean and sweet potato chili has already been prepped.
I love Thanksgiving for another reason. Tomorrow, all over the United States and in the homes of ex-pats abroad, families and friends will be sharing and receiving a thanksgiving meal.
At all of those gatherings, people will be giving thanks and sharing the things and people they are thankful for.
On that day, the vibration of love and gratitude is at an all-time high. People will be saying thank you and actually listing things they are grateful for. I LOVE IT.
But today, I’d like to ask a small, okay, huge thing. After this day of gratitude and appreciation, we often follow it up with a day of shopping for stuff we could not possibly need.
Our lights are shining so brightly and then we run off to a store to knock someone down as we rush for something that someone else had their hands on just so we can get it first.
Here’s my request; when you go out for the pre-Christmas sales (Notice I’m NOT calling it Black Friday) keep gratitude in your heart.
Think of all you have and are and are becoming. Think of what you and the recipient of your gift don’t need and think of someone who may need it more.
Think of Youth Villages and College for Every Student. Think of the HearAid Foundation or and the literacy program in your town. Think of small independent businesses and the kids in your neighborhood who need a little love and direction.
On post- Thanksgiving Day, keep giving thanks and as you do, remind yourself of what you already have.
Thats my message. Thought I’d share it today because by Friday, I may be too full---of love.
Be you, be well, be thankful and wise.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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