Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 331: Getting Back into the Groove

Even fun requires work

Getting Back Into The Groove

After a long holiday and even a short one, it’s sometimes difficult to get back to the work that needs to be done.
Today and every day that follows, I’d like you to think about your deeds a little differently. According to sociologists---and I happen to one of them, work is a basic human need. The need to create something and do something for the good of something is something we all need.
We’ve learned to see our work as drudgery, a slave, the grind and yet without it, what would your life be?
Okay, I know you have this image of one endless weekend, but let’s rethink that picture. What would you really do with yourself if you had nothing that you had to do?
Instead of work, I’d like you to think of purpose; a mission that you are here to accomplish and that it can only be done through your work.
You may not have the job you desire, but maybe, just maybe, you are not the employee that your job needs.
As you go to work today, do so with gratitude; not only for the paycheck, but for the job itself.
Look for ways to fulfill your mission and purpose. See your job and its people in a new light and when you do, you will be seen differently as well.
Get back into the groove of life and let life’s groove get back into you.
Be you, be well, be better.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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