Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 310: One Person CAN Make a Difference

One Person Can Make a Difference

I know that we can make a difference where ever we go. I also know that we have to start with our own heart and mind. When you change you, you become the light that illuminates a path for others to follow.
Last year, while lecturing in Oregon, I heard about a nurse who was disillusioned and a bit down. She decided to take time off from her nursing job. A friend told her about a beautiful stretch of land that was in need of a caretaker.
I don’t know if I would have been able to do it, but this brave woman stayed in the cabin in the woods and while she did she worked on her own self.
During the time, she noticed the serenity and beauty of the place and thought that it should be a retreat for people recovering from cancer.
Soon after that the property was on the market for sale, but the woman who had been a nurse most of her life could not afford the hundreds of acres.
She began to meditate and imagine the place as it could be used. She saw patients there recovering and would visualize them walking about the place and enjoying their own existence.
 Someone she’d shared her dream with told her that she should stop dreaming, but she didn’t.
Instead, the woman went to the board members of the company that  had purchased the land and told them that they should use it as a retreat for cancer patients.
Somehow, someway, something in the board was awakened and they decided that this is what should be done and the place is a now a retreat. The woman is the director.
This one woman with the intention, heart and vision made it happen.
Today, I’m asking you this:

What can you bring about?
Be you, be wonderful, be your intention.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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