Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 314: I'm Not Agreeing to Disagree...

Find balance in your  own life
and you can be well balanced with others

Agreeing To Disagree...
I don’t know where the phrase came from and I don’t even care to look it up. In my life, there are few things that get close to the area of “I truly hate that;” the phrase “Let’s agree to disagree” is one of them.
Agreeing to disagree is not agreeing. It’s a way of saying, “Stop talking because I don’t want to hear your ideas, opinions or facts.” It’s also a way to say, “This meeting is over, let’s go and have a drink.”
I like to think, and I prefer to do so critically which requires that I have more than one thought, otherwise you are pooling ignorance, because as my mother used to say, “Inbreeding does not give birth to genius.”
Because I don’t like to erase a tape without providing a new thought, let me offer you this;
Instead of agreeing to disagree, let’s agree that we are on the same team.
When we agree that we are on the same team, in the same boat and working towards the same goals, both parties can realize that we may be on two different streets for now, but the common goal will get us to the same place.
I’m pretty sure that if there was some kind of alien invasion, we would not have blacks and whites, Republicans and Democrats, gays and straights; we’d have a human race.
We don’t need to wait until we are under attack. We don’t need a common antagonist; we don’t have to look for the enemy of our enemy to make friends.
Let’s decide to agree that we are on the same team, working towards a common goal. You may get their through a church or meditation, public service or even work, but let’s all get there together.

Be you, be well, be on the team.
Bertice Berry, PhD.


  1. So unless we always agree that it's your way or the highway, that I can't have a belief different that yours than we can't be friends. Are you that shallow or self involved.

  2. Thanks for the anonymous comment. I'm saying just the opposite... ask yourself if you are needing to have YOUR WAY and own it by signing your name to it

  3. Say two people are on two different streets, heading for the same destination: One person may take the straightest path (he/she has people to see; things to do). The other saunters along their street taking in the window displays, getting a latte, helping someone by holding a door. Each may criticize each other for lack. Yet if having attained their "destination"...they might fulfill a common need -- They can each attest that they had their "own way" but should not be viewed as shallow or elevated. They could be the best of friends.

  4. You are so welcome! I know you'll have a wonderful day you always do!