Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 309; What Goes Around

What Goes Around

Don’t give up on doing what’s right because right is the seed that always grows.

Yesterday, I was in DC---sorry for not calling all the DC folks I love; I was only in for a minute. I was with folks from The Character Education Partnership, an organization dedicated to developing civic virtues and moral character in the lives of of young folks for a more compassionate society. These folks  are committed to making a difference by using ground breaking research, hard work and a lot of love. Read More
Before speaking, I was asked why I don’t market more or sell DVD’s.
I said what I have been saying for 25 years; I’m not trying to be well known, I am trying to leave folks with something that they can add their own life to. I want them to take what I teach and add their own life lessons.
As if on cue, a beautiful young woman came up and told me that I had been her teacher in Kent, Ohio. She said, she could not even remember what class I taught her, but that she had been in Upward Bound I had encouraged her to go to college and make a difference in the lives of others.
She recalled that I had taught her and the class about apartheid in South Africa and how their caring for people across the globe would make a difference for those who struggled and for their own struggle.
She sang the songs I taught about freeing Nelson Mandela and I was brought to tears. Tamara then told me that she’s now a school administrator and has worked in South Africa and even married someone from there.
She has done this incredible work and is living a purpose-filled life. I did not do it, but I helped to plant the seed.
Stay your course. Do the right thing and transform the lives of students, teachers, people you know and love and anybody who needs just one word of kindness.
 It won't make you famous, it will make you and the world a better place.

Be you, be well, be a seed-planter.
Bertice Berry, PhD.



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  1. Dr. Berry, after listening to you speak my colleague and I were moved and inspired. As we waited to meet you, such a long line- you were loved.

    A young woman came up to me and said, did you coach AAU basketball. I looked at her with this stare waiting for more. She said all weekend I looked familiar but she didn't know how. I then told her I did. She then began to tell me that I coached her AAU basketball team with my high school coach, who was the head coach. And that was about 17yrs ago. I said to her that was a long time ago. She then proceeded to tell me that I use to pick her up and transport her to games. At this point, I was in awe! One because my memory is shot and because she remembered. I asked her, silly me 'was I nice', she replied yes! At that point, all I could think was you never know the lasting impression you leave on students from the person you are 'your character'.

    Thank you Dr. Berry, you have inspired a 'movement' in me!