Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 325: The Future You Can Control

The Only Future You Can Change

Last night, I had the occasion to use one of my mother’s old sayings. Until then, I hadn’t ever understood her words.
My daughter determined that she was going to be more frustrated with me than I was with her and while we were driving on a dark four-lane highway, she decided that she would just get out of the car.
The moment I heard her seatbelt snap open, my mother’s words came pouring out of me, “Do not let your mouth write a check that your behind can’t cash.”
Now, I already told you that until last night, my mother’s words had been like Latin to me. So, let me explain, I finally understood that what she was saying was, don’t let your, mouth get your butt into trouble.
Unlike me in my youth, my daughter immediately understood and refastened her seatbelt.
She apologized and said, said that she didn’t know why she was acting up; I told her that it was because she was 19. At that age you sit on the wall between knowing everything and knowing nothing.
Then I told her the secret that had been told to me; “The only future you can control is your own,” I said.
As you stand where you are, look down the road to the next hour (you’re a beginner, so don’t go too far) and decide how you’d like yourself to be. See yourself as more loving, kind, less judgmental, slow to anger and a joy to be around.
What would it take to be this truer more desirable version of you?
Apply your heart, mind and head to the tools and application thereof and look for the evidence of your work.
You can control the future, but you can only control your own. When you do, you cause a ripple effect for all of those who need the same light.

Be you, be well, be your own future
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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