Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 359; Getting Everything You Want

Getting is easy, maintenance is something else.
How to Get Everything You Want
In my family we have a tradition where we at the end of the year, we do a big cleaning before the New Year begins. My mother did it; her mother did it and so did hers.
I love this tradition. Throughout the year, my sister Chris does the cleaning. We keep our rooms tidy and clean up after ourselves, but when it comes to really cleaning, that’s Chris’ forte. She actually volunteers and cleans for small community businesses and smiles the whole time.
Anyway, yesterday while I was cleaning chandeliers and windows, looking closely at how everything had been put together I began to give thanks for lights and windows, bookcases and doors. I said thank you for the crown molding that had been cut by hand. I looked out to the bird feeders and water bowel and gave another word of gratitude.
In the midst of my reverie (which may have been brought on by the smell of Pine Sol,) I realized that at some point I wanted these items and then I got them. So I had exactly what I had longed for.
As my children made it out of their beds and down to where I was cleaning, I remembered hoping that they would grow up into decent folks, finding and living their purpose. They are on their way, so I said thank you again.
I gave thanks for my sister, family, colleagues and wonderful friends and I said thank you for me.
When I did, I knew that everything I have and hold dear is exactly what I had previously wanted and then at some point I started wanting some more.
So it occurred to me that if you want something, you should be grateful for what you already possess.
Maybe you’ll get it and maybe not, but you will still have what you once desired and when you are grateful, you are complete.
Be you, be well, Be complete.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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