Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 340: Dreaming Learning and Doing

There's dreaming and then there's doing

Dreaming, Learning, Doing—The Recipe for Success

Okay boys and girls, today I am giving you permission to day dream. It’s not that I think you need it, but at times, we all need to be reminded of the fact that everything begins with a dream.
Einstein was a theoretical physicist; he conducted no experiments; he imagined for a living.
Einstein said that his greatest tool was his imagination. This is our greatest tool as well, and yet, we use it so little. There are folks who dream and never work and those who work and never dream.
It is the combination of dreaming and learning, along with the doing or what actors call dress rehearsal (and by the way the professionals get paid for it) that makes a life come to life.
Earlier this year, I asked folks to think about something that they always wanted to do but hadn’t done and then I asked that they imagine themselves doing it.
One reader, a brilliant artist named Annie, wrote in that she had always wanted to illustrate a children’s book. “What are the odds?” I wondered to myself, because I had written a children’s book that I had wanted to be illustrated. In fact, it was the story that compelled me to become a writer.
I wrote back to Annie and told her this and now we are collaborating on what will be an incredible book. Yesterday, I saw the story come to life in the pages she sent to me, I saw my own imagination spring forth in a way I could not have achieved on my own, and then I went to sleep and dreamt about the book.
I saw it on the coffee table of an adult who read the book often, even though she had no children of her own. This woman was so moved by the story that every year she bought it as a gift for all of her friends and their children.
The book is about making your dreams come true by allowing time and work to fill the space between your idea and the reality of it.
Life can be magical or it can be humdrum; you pick.
 It you want magic, chose to dream and learn and work at whatever you do. If you want humdrum, then believe nothing, do nothing and blame everyone else.
I must warn you though; if you chose humdrum you will not only get the mediocrity that you are seeking, you will also become the most expendable piece in the chess game called life.

Be you, be well, imagine.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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