Sunday, December 30, 2012

Better Day

Better Day: Getting Stronger Everyday
So Yesterday, I got several, okay a bunch of email from folks informing me that there are only 365 days in the year.
I realized somewhere in the 200s I had added a few days, but I didn’t know where, so I decided to just roll with it and do as my mother said, “let in come out in the wash.”
I laughed at the friendly corrections and knew that this year had done for me what I needed it to do.
I am better. In the past, I may have been upset with myself for the error. I would have wallowed in the insecurity that came with having dyslexia---it was diagnosed in my college years.
I might have stopped writing for fear of making more mistakes, or just spent an additional hour going over the post.
This week I’ve been working long hours, so I overslept today; in the past I would have said, just don’t write, you’ve had your 365 days.
Instead though, I laughed, got out of bed and got to writing, still laughing about what to do.
I know that I’m better because correction is no longer a jab at an insecurity.
I weigh the correction next to all of the compliments. I say thank you for over 70,000 folks who love these post; typos and all.
And I am thankful to life, love, the Universe, God for enabling me to get up and write.
So there is no number on the top of the post.
It is the Better Day.

Be you, be well, be better.
Bertice Berry, PhD.


  1. I have been blessed by this blog and your book. I heard you speak in June in Miami at the AHF conference. I've been following your blog ever since. I have shared it often with others either on Facebook or by reading it to start meetings that I lead. Thought provoking and life changing. I have saved many of my favorite posts in my journal. As I write, I realize I may sound like a stalker or creeper ;). I assure you I'm not! Just always looking for ways to stay inspired and recharged and your book and blog has gone the extra mile for me!!! Blessings to you!