Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 339: Beginning To Look Like Christmas

Beautiful----not my house

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Last night as I drove down the only street that runs through my community, I was treated to the display of the creative and friendly competition that goes on here.
Each holiday, my neighbors go all out, decorating their homes reflecting the holiday, season and even football team they love, but at Christmastime, it no holds barred and my Southern street looks like a winter wonderland.
Then you get to my house. Each year at Christmastime, I do my part by turning on the porch light (we usually leave it off.) Now, before you start calling me names like Scrooge, or Communist; you should know, I’ve heard them all before.
In almost every place I’ve ever lived, my neighbors have politely and at times not so nicely asked or demanded that I decorate for Christmas.
“But aren’t you a Christian,” they ask. They are usually staring at the Mezuzah at the entrance of my front door, while some are confused by the small bust of Gaia who stares from the other side of the entrance.
I tell them yes and smile waiting for the confusion to be replaced by satisfaction but it never happens. Once a woman insisted that I at least put up a wreath; I did but I waited until July to do so.
I love the Christmas decorations, I really do, but when I decided to raise 5 children as a single parent, I also decided that I would have to figure out what we truly needed and not what everyone else wanted.
My kids have only asked for a tree once and it fell on them. They have never wanted a tree again.
Here’s the thing, my reason for not decorating is as logical as any reason for doing so; I simply choose not to.
But if you have a great display, I’ll be in front of your house smiling and singing carols with everyone else.
We live in a great country; and even greater world. In it are many choices, ideas, beliefs, and ways of being; pick one and then pick something else; that’s why we call it Freedom.

Be you, be well, be the lights
Bertice Berry, PhD.



  1. LOVE THIS! People freak out that I don't care to decorate for Christmas. Enjoy looking at others but don't care to go through the hassle! I have now been given a Grinch which i proudly display.

  2. Greetings from one of your lit neighbors! Looking foward to hearing your wonderful voice singing carols out front, and thanks for leaving the light on.