Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 349: Don't Put Your Eggs In One Basket

My Backyard
You come here for the peace

Don’t Put Your Eggs in One Basket

I didn’t fully comprehend the meaning of my mother’s wisdom when she said, “Never put all of your eggs in one basket.”
Growing up we were poor, so I’d think to myself, “What eggs, what basket?”
Yesterday, I got an up close and personal understanding and realized that I’ve been getting this lesson over and over again; housing everything with one person, one site, one trusted company.
But it took just one simple attempt to save to show me the error of my ways.
Let me explain, I live in Mayberry, not really, but I live outside of Savannah, Georgia on the marsh in a rather picturesque and peaceful community. Translation; we are not known for being technologically advanced, connected or hooked up; you come here for the peace.
Anyway, after having some trouble with my internet provide and realizing I had way more TV than anyone uses (my kids watch their computers,) I decided that I could save money by putting everything with one company; bundling or as my mother would say, putting all of my eggs in one basket.
The service was connected yesterday and it stopped working yesterday. Now I have no phone or internet and was told by the customer service people that they could connect me to a technician for an additional cost.
I pointed out that their equipment wasn’t working and I simply wanted someone to come and fix it.
I was standing on my porch in the rain, trying to get a good signal on my cell phone (remember, you come here for the peace) and was disconnected several times.
Finally, I was told that they would do me the favor of getting someone here by Friday.
I am taking the eggs out of that basket and putting them back where they were before.
I learned many lessons, but mainly this, when we rely only on technology to get us through life, we will miss out on what we truly need.
Yesterday, while looking for the place to connect the services, I found my mother’s old wallet and a stash of pictures she had been collecting. My daughter snatched up one of her comfy sweaters and PJs.
With no internet or phones, we looked at old pictures and reminisced about a time before we all had cell phones and laptops or a care about cable TV.
I took the eggs of that experience and placed them in my heart and left the technological mess on a basket on the porch for the cable company to come and collect.

Be you, be well, be discerning.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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