Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 338; Getting What You Want

Getting and Keeping What You Want

My mother used to say, “Be careful of what you ask for, because you just might get it.”
As a child, I could not comprehend her words. I wondered how getting a doll or typewriter could be something that I’d regret. I had so little that my wants were simple too, and now that I have more and know more, my wants and desires seem so much more complex.
They have nothing to do with things and so much more to do with stuff of the heart and the heartbeat of humanity.
Like King Solomon, I desire wisdom and like my mother I wish for “some peace,” but as she always told me I have to be careful even in these desires.
What we desire, we will get and what we get we must maintain.
There’s the rub, that wanting, getting, having and maintaining are all connected and unless you are willing to do the constant work and maintenance required, you may want to think a bit smaller.
This is heady stuff for a Monday, I know, but we are now in a season of wanting and getting and getting more.
So today, I will ask this of you; look around your home and see the things you wanted and now have. Do you use them regularly or do they just sit and collect dust?
Do you maintain the love you got in the form of another person or do you just expect that person to complete you?
Are you leading and guiding the children you desperately wished for or are they now raising themselves?

We are the keepers of our own dreams, because even dreams require maintenance.
Be you, be well, BE what you ask for.
Bertice Berry, PhD.


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  1. The Dream Merchant knows better...and bears caution.