Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 345: A Life Well Lived

Last night my brother Kevin and I
kept hearing, "Dems Bea's kids."

A Life Well Lived
Last night, I attended the funeral of my mother’s cousin; so that of course makes Sir George McManus, my uncle (yes, it’s a black thing.)
Uncle Sonny, as we called him was well loved. He was a retired Navy man, a retired longshoreman president, a 33rd degree Mason (and wow did they turn out in full force) a Man of the Sixties (a group of guys who quietly do the things that the community needs done) and a host of other activities. He was a husband and father, grandfather and great-grandfather.
To me, he was a supporter of the arts and humanities and one of my mother’s best friends.
The place was packed and people laughed about how he was surely in heaven because his beloved Eagles football team was finally able to win a game.
I saw folks I hadn’t seen in years and as I sat between my cousin and brother, I was transformed into childhood and kept looking for my mother every time the two boys cracked a joke. (It wasn't me mommy.)
Uncle Sonny was loved by thousands and it was evidenced by the packed house. It became apparent that you could only be that loved when your life has truly been well lived.
Folks who know me know that I don’t care much for funerals, so I was grateful when the pastor; an old childhood friend, announced that we were not having one. We had a celebration of life.
Last night I got the lessons that I try to teach each day; get involved with your community, attend to your relationships, take care of your loved ones and develop your own spirit, mind and body through the constant pursuit and application of wisdom. When you do, you will have everything you need.
Live well, and others will love you even more.
Thank you Uncle Sonny, for your recipe for living.
Be you, be well, be lived.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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