Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 305; A Little Bit of Gratitude...

Eternally Grateful

…Goes A Long Way

In the wake of the storm that has devastated the Northeast and the storm of life, I am constantly reminded of the power of gratitude. It goes a very long way.
Being thankful for what I have and who you am, the friends and family who gather around me is constantly on my mind.
As I become more well, I see all of the things that I have taken for granted. Ask anyone who has lost the use of their predominant hand or arm and they will tell you what it’s like to be without.
Today, I was reminded of my right hand being broken and how I learned to use the left. This morning while holding my tooth brush with my right hand, I recalled what it was like to not be able to.
Just as with most things in life, when my right hand was back to normal, I completely forgot the left.
The injury to my head and brain has not been so easy nor has it easily healed, but here I am writing and working each morning and extremely grateful that I can.
The injury has changed my way of looking at life and the way I live it. I live less in my head and more from the heart. I am at times confused and frustrated but here I am; still whole and complete, for even without I am beautiful and wonderfully made.
More importantly; I am healed. My gratitude allows it to be so.
This morning, I’d like for you to spend a moment remembering what works. Be grateful for a body that works even if it doesn’t look like the one you desire.
Be grateful for the availability of electricity and fuel even if the price is high; you have it.
Be grateful for friends and family who sometimes annoy you because you annoy them and they are still with you.
Be grateful for the job you say you don’t like because it’s paying for that gas that’s too high.
And be grateful for a mind that works even when you use it to complain, and nitpick the details of a life that goes unappreciated.
I hope you get my drift because I’m grateful that you are reading this.

We are connected. Gratitude goes a very long way and always comes back to you.
Be you, be well, be grateful.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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