Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 295: Your Desires are Somone Else's Needs

Desires and Needs
Okay boys and girls, I’m going deep today, real deep.
What if your desires were somehow related to the needs of others? What if what you wanted was met when you met the needs of another?
Say you want money so that you can be as comfortable as possible? You might seek a way to make someone feel comfortable.
Some people may want to lose weight, so they can feel more attractive. You may need to seek an opportunity to help someone who feels disconnected and detached.
If you desire true love, so that your heart does not feel lonely and you feel more complete; you may want to help someone who is feels totally alone and without a friend.
A few days ago I was in the mall while waiting for my daughter. I don’t go there often so I decided to look around. While there, I found a coat I liked a lot. In it I felt more beautiful and confident, and it was on clearance sale. I bought the coat and then decided that I would get a cup of green tea. I got in line at the coffee shop but was suddenly overcome with the feeling that the last thing I needed was another coat. Just as I was about to be served, I felt the need to take the coat back. I got out of line returned the coat and felt somehow relieved.
It was time to pick up my daughter so I decided that I would get my green tea when I got closer to home. I went to the coffee shop in the grocery store and saw an employee who typically works in the morning.
I knew that the woman had just graduated from college and had studied to be a nurse. I’d overheard her a few weeks prior saying that she was saving up the money to take the test to be certified.
As I stood in this line, I heard her tell one of the regulars that she would have to wait a little longer before she took the test; her daughter needed something that took away from the test fund. Suddenly, I knew why I felt the strong urge to return the coat. I got my tea and slipped the coat money into her apron pocket and told her to take her test.
She protested but I told her that her taking the test would make me feel more beautiful and confident because when my sister does well, so do I.
She looked at me with tears in her eyes and I knew that I had some there too.
That evening a friend came in from out of town. I greeted him at the door and he looked at me and asked “What have you done, you look more beautiful and confident.” He said.
We are all connected by needs and desires; today allow your desires to be realized by meeting the needs of another.

Be you, be well, be desired and needed.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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