Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 277; Too Many Distractions

Too Many Distractions

This morning I’m working hard to stay focused. That’s because I’m sitting in front of a plate that my son somehow left on the table last night. In it are the remains of the food he was eating along with his knife and fork.
I’m working hard to keep writing when I really want to wake him up to ask, “What happened here?”
But I know what happened. He was distracted by something and forgot to get back to his plate; oh yeah and there is a glass too (don’t look up, keep writing.)
Our lives are full of distractions; sometimes by happenstance and sometimes by design.
Let’s look at the happenstance first. You plan to exercise, but as youget down on the floor you notice the dirt under the bed and the distraction keeps you from exercising—no you don’t clean under the bed either, because now you are distracted from everything.
Then there is the distraction by design; this happens when you actually look for things to do to keep you from the things you need to do; like work on yourself.
Our technological world is full of distractions; cell phones, text messages and email; oh my, have kept us from reading an entire book, or walking through our own neighborhood.
Today, try to stay focused on what you intend to do. Stay focused on what you are saying eating, doing and do one thing at a time.
You will do so much more when you focus on doing less. Stay true to your goals; even the small ones and then when you are done, you can come and get my son’s plate.

Be you, be well, be focused.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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