Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 276; Not Dead; Not Done

Not Dead Not Done

Folks are already acting like the year is over and as if they have run out of time.
Okay, I’m going to make something abundantly clear; the year is not yet over.
You have right now to start acting like you need to feel. You have right now to love more deeply. You have right now to get the rest, fuel, love, kindness, learning and joy that you need.
We can all become time travelers; learning from our past, looking into the future, and living in the now. Time is a gift we don’t fully understand and therefore don’t use to the fullest.
Ask yourself what you can do before the end of the year. You’ll be surprised at what can be accomplished. If you want to be more orderly, start with something small. It you want to lose weight; start by loving you now.
I keep meeting people with deadlines for marriage, degrees and the likes. When your goals require the assistance of others, it is wise to note that they have a timeline too.
If you don’t meet your deadline within the time you feel necessary; what next? Do you force yourself into whatever is in front of you?
If you ain’t dead, you ain’t done. Time really is on your side. It truly helps to heal the wounds and it waits for no man. (As a woman I know how to hold it, but if I tell you, you’ll have me burned at a stake.)
All I’m saying is this; stop looking at how much time has gone by and use the time you have now.
Be you, be well, be your best.
Bertice Berry, PhD.


  1. We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.
    --Nelson Mandela

  2. This just gave me life. Thank you!

  3. Oh yes, I own this one! Thanks, as always, you are an inspiration. Just keep writing. Just keep writing.