Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 304:Fighting the WInd

Fighting the Wind

There is an ancient proverb which reveals this: “One who fights without a purpose is fighting the wind.”

I once used this proverb as a title for a movie script. The movie was never made because the folks I wrote it for had a meeting in the Trade Center Tower that fateful September 11th day.
 I did not attend. I didn’t feel like going because I had been to New York two weeks in a row when my dear friend Gillian got sick and then passed away.
Life can sometimes feel like the wind; blowing us hither and yon. Sometimes, we want to take up a sword to fight it, but then we see there is no reason or purpose; that we are fighting the wind.
Sometimes the wind blows in our favor; or so it seems, because at those times we fail to remember the destruction the wind did to us the last go-around.
We cannot fight the wind. All we can hope to do is to be wise, prepared, and proactive.
Life is like the wind; it blows in our favor and can tear our lives asunder. We cannot fight it, but we can be wise, proactive and prepared.
You are not your house; you are spirit dwelling in a body. You can be wise. Care for and keep your body well, because like it or not, the wind is blowing.

Be you, be well, be wise.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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