Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 301; What You Can Do About the Frankenstorm

Us Against The Storm

For the first time in my life, I got a call telling me that an event would be canceled because of an impending storm; this one must be big.
I worked a few days after the attack on the Trade Center Towers and worked in Louisiana shortly after the hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc there. I’ve been called in to places even when there is a blizzard and still the events and workshops were never cancelled; in fact the attendance always went up because when a storm comes, people are more inclined to see the need for personal growth and community involvement.
When I got an emergency call yesterday telling me that the huge event I was attending in Baltimore would be canceled, I knew it was time to get my heart in motion.
I believe in the power of prayer and I have faith in the power of collective consciousness. I know that together we are much more powerful than anyone or thing is alone.
I am asking and imploring you to stand together this weekend for the safety, love and strength of those in harm’s way.
The storm may have been the event that set this thought in motion, but it is not where we will stop.
I want you to read this and pass it on. I want you to ask your friends, neighbors and loved ones to lift up their hearts in love.
 Instead of coming against something, we are going to stand together for the safety and wellness of anyone in harm’s way; that can mean the storm, an act of terrorism and violence, abuse or even shame.
Let’s stand together in love. If you pray, then pray. If you meditate, do that. If you feel the need to fast and be mindful; then do it.
I am asking that you do whatever your heart leads you to do before the destruction hits.
At the top of every hour, let’s collectively stop and take a moment to reflect on love, kindness, healing and happiness.
Together, let’s stand for something good and in doing so we will defeat that which is not.
I believe and I’m asking you to believe and work with me.
Be you, be well, be the love.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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