Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 303; We Need You To Shine Your Light

Right now, as I am writing this, a hurricane is barreling up the east coast of the United States and you may be wondering, “What can I do to stop a storm?”
The answer to that question and any question pertaining to the safety and concern for another is to shine your light.
During the period of slavery in the U.S and abroad, the Society of Friends or Quakers as they were known believed then as they do now that everyone has a light. They believed that we all need the light of one another to illuminate our own path. This belief made them the first and most powerful religious group to stand against slavery and for the freedom of all.
Their work towards the abolition of slavery ranged from shining their light to their physical involvement in the Underground Railroad.
Today, I’d like you to shine your light. Speak kindness to others and think clear, concise thoughts of encouragement.
Call, write, email or send a text to those who you know are in the path of the storm. Let them know that you are thinking of them and sending love and light. Then go a step further and do as the abolitionists did and offer a place to stay if necessary.
Be the illumination we need today and in the future. Shine your light.
Whether you believe in global warming or not, is not my concern. (Though there is so much I’d like to write, I think I will just keep my candle going.) Do your part for the earth and the environment.
I live in a small town that did not have a recycling program. Every week, my family and a few others would gather our recyclables and take them to the dump. We did this with joy; feeling a sense of doing our part.
We felt that if we continued, things would eventually change. At times it felt like we were alone, but then on Saturday mornings, we’d see another family who felt and did the same. We’d give each other a thumbs-up and kept on keeping on.
Recently, our township finally voted on a city-wide recycling program. I don’t think we caused it, but I know we helped it along.
The right thing happens when people thinking right thoughts do their part and shine their light.
This morning I’ve written about slavery, recycling and a hurricane; what I’m really trying to convey is the idea that you must shine your light.
The darker the situation, the greater the need for your light; shine it brightly today and for the rest of the week.
·         Avoid gossip and thoughts of jealousy and strife.

·         Stay clear of conflict and animosity.

·         Think and breathe light on negativity.

·         Share thoughts and words of encouragement.

·         See beauty all around you.

·         Give love.
As we individually do these things, we make the whole world much brighter.
Be you, be well, be love.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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