Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 294: WIth Friends, Never Without

Never Without With Friends

Yesterday, I heard from my longtime friend, Pat who has moved to Ireland from the U.S. She told me that she was back in the States to tie up some loose ends and that for three weeks she’d be staying with friends and family.
An hour later, my sister Chris told me that when she mentioned that she was going to Delaware for a short holiday, friends and family were fighting over who she would stay with, because everyone wanted her at their house.
I was reminded of something another friend told me years ago, “When you have good friends, you can never be homeless.”
I know this to be true; still, we spend free time building up and maintaining our physical home, but often forget to build our relationships.
One of the best ways to assure happiness in this life is to build and develop good relationships. Research shows that people who have strong bonds with their friends and community tend to live longer, healthier lives.
I have strong ties with friends that I have had since kindergarten and equally strong bonds with some that I met two months ago.
When I lived in California, most of the folks I knew would drive home from work, into their garages and then from there, walk directly into their homes, never waving or speaking to anyone.
My sister/manager Jeanine and I started a prayer group which was really an eating club, and before long, my entire neighborhood was showing up.
Each Saturday, we’d get together to share the trials and joys of our lives and eat. We’d find ways to help the situation and then my mom said the same short prayer she had been saying for years:
“Devine Love, always has and always will supply our every need. So let nothing hinder, nor delay the Divine plane that the Creator has for your life today, we are moving on and on and on.”
After she said her prayer, everyone would talk and then eat some more and then hours later we’d part and say goodnight.
I live my life in the hopes that when I am gone, my friends will remember me by taking care of each other.
Care for your friends as if they are silver and gold, because they are.
Be you, be well, be a good friend.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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