Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 293; Resisting Change

Sleeping on the edge

Resisting Change
The only constant is change; so why do we try to resist it? Resisting change is like asking the sun to never rise; you can try but it isn’t going to happen.
Last night I faced one of the biggest changes in my life. Wait for it, wait for it. ---I moved to the center of my bed.
Now, I have been sleeping in the same spot of every bed that I have slept in my entire life. I sleep on the left side of the bed and I sleep on the very edge of it. Yes, far left.
I don’t know why, but I always have. My loved ones (yes, I mean my kids,) have told me that I look as if I’m about to fall off the edge but I never do.
Last night, I decided that it was time to change; I moved to the center.
At first I wondered why I had not done it sooner. I felt like I was floating on a big wonderful cloud. I made imaginary snow angles and enjoyed the comfort of an entire bed. But then I noticed that I couldn’t sleep, I felt I needed to be on the edge. (Hmmm?)
All night I wrestled with myself trying to change one of my oldest and dearest habits.
Change is the only constant, but still it’s difficult. Our brain is only 2% of our body’s mass and yet it uses 26% of the energy. A new thought requires even more which is why change feels so difficult and so tiring.
All night long I laughed at myself as I fought hard to get to the center of that bed. (Yes, this would be a good place for a political joke, but I’m resisting that too.)
By the time I was comfortable in the center, it was time for me to wake up.
I got out of bed and turned to make it up and saw that it was a much bigger job than it would have been if I had been in my “spot.” Then I remembered why I slept on the edge.
When I was a kid and still in my mom’s house, I had to make up my bed as soon as I got out of it. I still do this today, but I do it as a prayer of gratitude for having a wonderful bed to sleep in.
As a child I noticed how much easier it was to make the bed if I didn’t lie all over it, so I started sleeping on the edge and it became a habit.
This morning I looked at my bed and laughed. How many other habits do I have as an adult that sprung from my childhood efficiency (no it was not laziness.)
I hope to have an easier time of it tonight, but throughout the day, I plan to challenge a few more of my habits. The Universe and my kids will thank me.

What can you change? Change your life before life changes you.
Be you, be well, be changed.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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