Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 284: Let Others Love You


Let Others Love You
I’m going to just say this right up front, so if you want to stop reading you can do so now. Be warned, I’m talking about you.
Those who are good at giving love are not the best in receiving it.
That’s right, I wrote and I meant it and I’m here to represent it. (Sorry I had a childhood flashback.)
I don’t know why it’s so; it’s one of those things I want to research before I die.
Yesterday, I had to learn the lesson first. I haven’t been feeling great, so after a long debate with myself, I decided to rest. I did something I’ve never, ever done; I stopped, asked for help and went to bed. I’ve been doing this work for 25 years, so you know that in that time I’ve needed a break, but I wouldn’t take one.
 Everyone around me surrounds me with love, encouragement, laughter, support, wisdom and advice and I’m good at giving it, but when it’s time to accept that love I feel like I should be working.
 I know the source of some of this.  My mother was a hard-working woman. She was very proud; which is good, but pride comes before a fall. My mother would not ask for help when she needed to because she had been rejected and hurt by the family and folks who should have loved and supported her.
As a result, if we had no food; we went hungry. If we had no money for electricity or coal (yes we had a coal furnace) we went without.
Bill Withers tells the truth; we all need somebody to lean on.
I’ve got my mother’s habits; good and bad. I can still hear her saying; “We are not a charity case;” but love is not charity. It is something we share to make us all human.
I’m growing tired of negative comments about the poor and those in need. I grew up in that struggle. I know how hard it is to even ask for help.
But that is a conversation for another day. What I’m sharing today is the fact that those who love must learn to accept the kindness and love that is offered.
the world
                                                    will be out of balance.

Be you, be well, be loved.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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