Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 302; God's Answer

God’s Answer

Yesterday my sister Christine shared one of the most provocative lessons I’ve ever heard. I will go to my grave with what she shared.
If I sound a little over the top, I assure you it won’t feel that way to you. If what she shared does not move you to do and be better than maybe her lesson was not that deep after all and maybe, just maybe, I have been writing every day for nothing.
My sister said she was talking to God and she asked a simple question; “What can I do for you God.” She said that the answer came swift and surely: “You can take care of yourself.”
Now, I don’t know about you, but for me, this is rather profound.
We all need to do for ourselves and we need to take better care of our own existence. Only then can we look to one another and see the God in us.
Personal growth is one the essential needs; yet, we buy into the marketing idea that we have to look better and can do so without being better.
There is a great deal of emphasis on the packaging of things and very little concern about the thing inside the package.
My sister Christine’s conversation with God was about her taking care of her. She is truly my sister and I have inherited many of her qualities. We often do for others and fail to do for ourselves.
I’m not making an argument for being selfish; I’m talking about understanding that in order to help others get well, you must be well.
Yesterday, I allowed her conversation with God to guide my day. I found that I was less bothered by what I would have called “bad drivers” and I was less concerned about the missteps of anyone else. I had to take care of myself.
What if we all began to take better care of our own self? I don’t mean the body, I mean the self; the person that you are and are becoming. We’d be much less judgmental, and a lot slower to correct others. We’d be more mindful of the things we need to do and complete and less likely to expect someone else to be responsible for our happiness.
My sister’s answer from God is our answer for life.
Take responsibility, care, compassion, concern, regard, have love, and be wonderful to YOU.
Be you, be well, be your own care-giver.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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  1. Women don't take this to heart often enough. We can't be good caretakers (mothers, wives, aunts, sisters, teachers, nurses, etc) if we don't take care of ourselves. Your sister is very astute in her communion with God. I want to meet her.