Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 243; Finding Your Beauty

The Beauty inside my head

Finding Your Beauty

A few days ago, after I gave a lecture, a young woman sat waiting for everyone else to ask questions, get hugs, take pictures or just say thanks so she could talk to me alone.
“I’m having a hard time finding my beauty,” she told me.
It took me a moment to actually realize what she had said. She was 18, tall and gorgeous, but she didn’t know it.
She told me she wished she had the guts to wear her hair short like mine. I smiled and said that all it required was a really good hairstylist who knew how to let your hair and your head take the lead.
She said that she wished she was as confident as I was and I told her that it required that she love herself; and that’s when the tears flowed.
Pay close attention to me this morning because this post is not just about this beautiful young woman, it is about all of us.
Somewhere in our youth, we compare ourselves to images in the media, to other kids at school and to some boy or girl who told us what they thought they wanted when they didn’t even know.
Now, we look back at those pictures of ourselves and wonder how we could have ever thought that we were too fat, too ugly, too whatever.
I will tell you what I told that young woman; you will never truly love another soul until you fully love your own.
Look past your hair, your butt, your nose and see your SELF.
We are beautifully and wonderfully made.
I cut my hair off because the dread locks were not helping in this battle against migraines. As a result, my head feels better and I am beautiful---still. Inside my head is this amazing brain that knows how to heal itself. It gives me a signal each morning to get up and write about what only it and God knows and I am reborn, renewed and beautiful.

Today, truly look at who you are and are becoming and see your own beauty before you see it in another soul.

Be you, be well, be Beautiful
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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