Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 237; Moving Forward

You can cry and do nothing
or you can MOVE FORWARD

Moving Forward

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be encouraged by a group of folks who I had gone to encourage and inspire. The Bastrop Independent School District in Texas started its year with the theme Moving Forward.
At any other back-to-school rally this would have been the Superintendent’s way of saying let’s get back to business. But Superintendent Steve Murray had a powerful reason for his theme.
Last year, a few days after the school year began, the county was hit with massive fires which did major damage to the entire area. Close to 2,000 homes were completely destroyed. Everyone was affected directly and indirectly by the massive fires. (Read More)
To say that I was and inspired can’t begin to capture the feelings I had being there.
A fourth grade choir sang a song they wrote about how they felt after the loss. Tears rolled down my face as they sang the refrain, “Everything I need is in my heart.”
When a woman won a prize for the district’s elementary school teacher of the year, she was so proud of her student’s introduction of her that when she rushed the stage to hug the young girl, she forgot that she was the winner.
The crowd represented anyone who had anything to do with the education of a child. They were connected in that purpose and allowed that connection to be there community.
I learned that during those fires, custodial workers helped teachers who helped board members. The power of the support staff and cafeteria employees was recognized as the glue that held them all together.
As I watched schools cheer and bands play, I thought of how different they were because of those fires.
I saw an immediate connection to my own bout with a head injury and the uncomfortable results. Like the Bastrop community; I’m still here. I can cry and complain or I can move forward; for me there is nothing in between.
On my way home yesterday I thought of Langston Hughes and my mom.
I’ve been scarred and battered.
My hopes the wind done scattered.
Snow done freezed me. Sun done baked me.
Looks like between them they trying to make me
 Stop living, stop laughing, stop loving.
But I don’t care, 'cause I’m still here.

To this my mom would simply add her prayer;

 Let nothing hinder nor delay, the Divine plan the Creator has for your life today, keep moving on and on and on.

Be you, be well, Move Forward.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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  1. Thank you for your motivation and humor. BISD fell in love with Bertice Berry this week. Your quote "when you walk with purpose, you collide with destiny" will be the theme in my classroom this year. Thank you!