Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 219: The Successful Landing of YOUR Curiosity

The Perfect Placement of Your Curiosity

Early this morning, NASA announced that its Mars rover, Curiosity successfully landed on Mars. Of the landing, President Obama said, “It proves that even the longest odds are no match for our unique blend of ingenuity and determination.”

The last seven minutes of the landing have been dubbed by NASA’s engineers as the seven minutes of terror. (Watch and Learn More)They watched and waited hoping Curiosity would not descend to quickly and break apart of impact. Even though they had taken every necessary precaution, they still watched in fear of what might happen and of course I saw a metaphor for life—who wouldn’t.

I love that the rover is named Curiosity and that it landed successfully. It made me wonder about my own curiosity; which by the way does not kill the cat; comparison does. I wondered if I use my ingenuity and determination along with my curiosity to land it in the appropriate places. Do I approach into new territory too quickly, crash landing into the unknown?
Do I allow my curiosity to create new mergers and ways of doing business or do I act like a greedy king in a tall tower and keep all new findings to myself?
How can I make my curiosity work in my favor? Yesterday, I read that constant thrill seeking is a sign of depression, but now I see that a properly planned adventure can lead to new discoveries.

Yesterday, I went to bed thinking about how big and wonderful the world is and today, I found that our Curiosity has taken us to Mars.

...And I say to myself, what a wonderful world.
Be you, be well, be Curious.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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