Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 235; What Are You Mad About?

When life happens;
remember the good stuff

What Are You Mad About---REALLY?

Yesterday, life happened. I allowed the actions of another to bring me to anger and I stepped outside of myself.
 No, I didn’t react, respond, go off, get righteously indignant, nor did I cuss and scream. I just got angry. In doing so, everything that happened afterwards was clouded in my own frustration.
My son had to go to the DMV to deal with a ticket that had already been handled. In my mind, it took way too long, he should not have gotten a ticket, it was too hot and everyone who drove into the DMV parking lot was a bad driver.
My daughter was sitting with me in the car and on her laptop working on something that had nothing to do with the class she had just come from and I was wondering why.
I asked her if what she was doing had anything to do with her class and when I looked up and saw my own face in the rearview mirror, I asked myself if my grilling had anything to do with the class that I was supposed to have.
I laughed, sent a text message to my son and told him to take his time and then decided to take a drive.
I was still angry (I really did have a reason to be) so I used one of my lifelines and phoned a friend.
I told her that I was mad and clouded as a result; she told me the truth; that nothing would hinder nor delay the Divine plan that the Creator had for my life.
She had repeated my mother’s simple prayer; one that I had recited with her for many years and then again with my own children each morning before they left for school.
Divine Love, always has and always will supply our every need. So let nothing hinder nor delay the Divine plan the Creator has for your life today. We are moving on and on and on.
I thanked her, because she had given me the answer to the million dollar question and I moved on and on and on.

·         Don’t let your anger cloud your day.

·         Take responsibility for the things you caused and allow them to inform your future actions

·         Don’t forget your lifeline; use it wisely

·         Feel your anger because your emotions act to inform you, but don’t let the anger take you under; simply turn your boat in the direction in the right direction.

·         Sail forward.

Be you, be well, move on and on and on

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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