Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 242; Stay in Your Lane

Home Sweet Home...

Stay In Your Lane

I’m just getting back home after an 11 hour drive. I’ve grown so accustomed to flying that sometimes I forget what traffic is all about.
Anyway, I’m rather beat but wanted to share an exercise with you.
As I was driving, I noticed that in congested areas, some cars would weave in and out of lanes in an attempt to advance just one car ahead.
It seemed as if the driver did was unaware of the danger they were causing by cutting others off; all they wanted to do was get ahead.
You probably know where I’m going, but hold on for a second.
When the driver got out of their lane and into another to avoid congestion, they were actually causing the slow-down.
Okay, now we’re there.
Today, look at the instances where you get out of your lane. When do you step out of your role and into that of another?

In an attempt to get ahead, do you jump in front of others who left space to avoid an accident?

Do you think that the space in the flow of life’s traffic was meant for you and only you?

These are the questions; you have your assignment.

Remember, when you see your own problems; quickly look for the solutions.

Wallowing in your faults will stop the flow of traffic completely.

Be you, be well, Be in your own lane.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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