Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 229; Change 'Gone Come

                           A Change ‘Gone Come

A few days ago, I ran into a woman who has been following the blog on a daily basis. She works in the Atlanta airport and when we reconnected there, she was amazed by my weight loss and transformation. I told her about A Year to Wellness and the blog and she has been reading it ever since.

When I saw her a few days ago, I was stunned by her transformation. For a moment, I just stared at her in amazement. She ran over and hugged me and I told her that she looked marvelous. She asked if I could tell that she was losing weight and I laughed. “Weight,” I said “you’ve not only lost weight, you look new.”
Her hair and skin seemed healthier and her eyes actually twinkled. She stood with perfect posture and appeared taller than I knew her to be.  I corrected my traveler’s posture; you know the one that comes from dragging your luggage, and she smiled and nodded with so much grace.

I wanted to ask if she had been going to one of those fancy finishing schools, but I just kept smiling.

She hugged me and I saw the tears in the corners of her eyes. She told me thank you for the book and the blog and said that the real change was happening on the inside.
I ran or rather floated off to my next flight and was encouraged and uplifted to be and do better.
Here’s what I’m wanting to get to; you may not see your change, but others do.
Don’t stop learning, growing, changing and just being.
The more you change, the more you light a pathway for others to follow.
Be the joy you want to see.
Be you be well, be change.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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