Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 230; Taking Responsibility

Taking Responsibility

What we cause, we can change. There it is; up front, the conclusion of the lesson right at the start of it.
I need to get to it and be clear so no feelings are hurt beyond what is required for the lesson to sink in.
If I were to violently push you down in the mud, everyone watching would clearly see me as the villain. But if we came back to the same place 40 years later and you were still sitting in the same spot, everyone would look at you.
I have a long flight that leaves real early, so I’ll get right to it; we may not have caused the thing that happened to us, but if we continue to wallow in it, we become responsible for the way we have responded.
Get up and see that life is good, can be better, has highs and lows, and is worth living.
I am genetically predisposed to alcoholism, so I don’t drink. I didn’t cause the predisposition, but I must choose how I respond to it.
I’m often asked why I have never drank, my answer is simple; I don’t want to turn that switch on; I don’t know how bright the light may be.
You may be able to drink just fine, but you don’t have my genes.
We all have our own journey and I can’t judge your hilltop from my valley, but I can surely help you along your way.
(If that last sentence made less sense to you than it did to me, then you are still reading and still with me.)
Here’s the thing, take responsibility for your own life and allow others to do the same.
We are on this journey together; the more responsibility we all take, the better our world will be.

Be you, be responsible, be change.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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