Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 223; Give It Away

Give It Away

I’m sitting in an airport lobby awaiting one of those early morning flights. I had planned to write before leaving for the airport, but my body didn’t want to get up at 1:00.

I love the way all things work together if you believe they do.

Yesterday, I got a note from my old college buddy Lyle. We haven’t seen each other in over 20 years but we are closer now than we were when we lived in the same apartment building in Kent, Ohio.

Lyle’s email was parsimonious as this is his way; it read “Seen during lunch.” I opened the attachment and saw that it was a picture of one of those church signs and it simply read;

“Kindness is hard to give away because it keeps coming back.”

I wrote a quick word of thanks and told Lyle that I would be using it; I had no idea how quickly.

I’m sitting in the airport lobby watching folks as they wait to get through security. As I do, I smile at a couple who are parting but from the looks of it never separating and they smile back. One of the wonderful folks who work here comes up and puts his hand over his heart and bows to me. I return the greeting and he says “Thank you, you are always so kind sister.”

I test the theory further and even when my kindness is not reciprocated by the person I give it to, someone else walks up and shares a blessing.

I’ve got to cross over to the other side---of security, so let me get to this; we have to be the kindness, the love, the blessing that we are waiting for.

When you do, it will come back.

Be you, be well, be kindness.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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