Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 227; Be True To Thine Own True Self

Kooan from Project Runway
who left something he wanted because he realized
he needed to be true to himself

Be True To Thine Own True Self

In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Polonius cautions his son Laertes with these words, “This above all, to thine own self be true.”
In the context of the play, the warning has more to do with guarding your own self-interest and taking care of yourself first than it has to do with honesty. However, when we hear this we tend to think of self-truth.
I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately and have come to see that what was true for you in your youth may not hold true today.
Still, we have come to believe that a person’s personality and “true” self is as fixed as their race. “That’s just the way they are,” and “they will never change,” are ways we have come to think of a person’s true self.
I believe in these key powers; the power of gratitude, the power of laughter and joy, but most of all, I believe in the power of transformation. (If you are worried as to why God and Love are not on this list, I’ll tell you; this is a list of beliefs; in God and Love, I know.)
I saw my mother transform from an abusive alcoholic into a loving earth mother. The transformation was complete and real. I know that change is possible. If I were to have written her off as done, then I would have missed out on what she called, her true self.
Still, in being true to me, I had to remove myself from her abuse until she became who she really was.
There are times when we must divorce ourselves from our own untruths so we can be true. (I know it sounds like philosophical Tuesday, but stay with me.)
Today for as long as you can, I’d like you to ask yourself; is this my truth?
·         Is this what I really want?

·         Is this what I truly mean?

·         Can I say this better?

·         Am I being a reflection of who I say I am?

·         Am I true?

As you ponder these life questions and the answers are revealed, don’t be too hard on you.

I had no idea that I looked even better with very short hair until I cut it off.

Be you, be well, BE TRUE.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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