Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 149 of Your Year to Wellness; Where Are You?


Some folks have gone missing in action. Their body is still here, but the main part; their heart and soul is nowhere to be found.
This soul snatching thing doesn’t happen all at once; it’s gradual. Someone will wince when you play music that you love; have always loved and so you decide to turn the music off, replacing it with something more appealing to the other person's liking.
You may comment on a movie or book that you loved and someone will tell you why it wasn’t good and so you decide that you don’t like it either.
The soul snatching may have happened after one too many drinks, or over the counter sleep aides, it may be the result of giving yourself wholeheartedly to your children, spouse/partner, job, club or church. Whatever the source, you have learned to keep moving, even though you are really not there. There are times when you begin to wonder where you went and why you ever left; but the first thing you must do is recognize that you are missing and work to get you back.
I know how strange this sounds to the average reader; but to one who is seeking to transform into their best self; it sounds like a map to a long lost treasure. (Keep reading.)
Getting yourself back is easy; the hard part is remaining true.
·         Think back to when you felt invincible and certain that you loved life, learning and meeting new folks. See that time as if it were now. Recall what you appreciated about yourself and return to it.

·         Find a book or piece of music from that time and sit down and enjoy it.

·         Remember you. Recall how you believed that anything was possible and you set out to make it happen. Your dreams were not a burden they were your life blood.

·         Dream again and then believe in those dreams.

·         Smile and repeat.

You already have what you always needed. Find you again.

Be well, be free, be you
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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