Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 139 of your Year to Wellness; Grow Up

You can grow and change
or remain as you are; you choose

The Power to Hurt, the Power to Heal

Most people walk around with no idea of how powerful they really are and because they don’t, they do a great deal of damage.
Those of you who have been reading this blog for some time know that I believe that the only person we can change is our own self, but if you are just joining us you should know that when you do change you can inspire many.
The lack of growth causes stagnation and feelings of discontent. We are designed for growth. Even when the body stops growing, the brain, mind and spirit can continue to evolve. The failure to grow however, will result in the whole little child inside you thing. Think of that Tom Hanks movie Big, where the little boy was in a grown man’s body. Things worked out well for him because it was Tom Hanks and Hollywood, but in real life it’s just not pretty.
When a BIG (Body is grown but nothing else---and yes, I just made that up) makes decisions for a grown person, the results are rather immature, but when that BIG is working and interacting with other adults is causes all kinds of problems.
Which takes me to today’s point; you have the power to heal a situation but you also have the power to hurt.
Lately, I’ve been seeing folks using their gifts for all the wrong reasons. The BIG will seek to have their own way, be the center of things and break the toys of others if they can’t have them. The BIG will cry after hitting someone else and then run and tell mom, their boss or HR. The BIG will tell everyone on the playground that they should not play with someone just because they don’t like that person. And the BIG will try to bully their way into the lives and possessions of others.
In contrast, an evolved adult will seek to build up the relations with their peers and will seek to understand. When an evolved person is wronged, they will try to get an understanding and they will forgive. An evolved person works to heal a hurt and desires peace in their workplace and family. They strive to accomplish the mission and purpose of their job because it is their personal mission and purpose as well. They bring healing and harmony to a difficult situation because they know that this is desirable.

We all have the power to heal; but the healing has to start with you.

Be you, be well, be growth.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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