Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 126 of Your Year to Wellness; The miracle is YOU

Be the Miracle

Most people know the story from the Bible of how Jesus fed a multitude with a few fish and several loaves of bread. They know that there were crowds of thousands who had come to hear Jesus teach and they know that after being there for a while, Jesus said to his disciples, we need to feed these folks. Most people know that there are several versions of the story and in one, the disciples ask how they should feed them, in another they discuss the amount of money it would take to feed them, while in another someone says that no amount could feed the huge crowd.

People know that in the story someone tells Jesus that there is a boy with five barely loaves and two fish. Jesus then blesses the two fish and five loaves and tells the disciples to feed them to the crowd and then collect what is left over. (I love that Jesus recycled.) The disciples do as they are told and there are twelve barrels full of food left over.

I love this story. I love that Jesus cared about the soul of the folks as well as their physical needs. I love that there is a conversation about money because it lets me know that these were also practical people. But for me the real miracle is not that Jesus multiplied the food. The reason folks were following him in the first place is because he had been healing the sick and teaching powerful lessons in the first place.

The real miracle for me is that there were 5,000 folks, but only one boy brought a lunch.

It gets better; nowhere in the story do we hear about the little boy arguing with the disciples. He never said, “Why should I share my lunch? Why don’t they work for their own food?”

 I think the little boy had the heart to know that if Jesus could feed a multitude with two fish and five loaves of bread, then he was going to eat too.

For me, the power of this story is that we are to be the miracle on earth. God/The Universe/ Cosmos multiplies every seed that is planted.

We must plant the seeds.

When someone is hungry, we should care. I’ve been to churches that will feed the homeless, but only if they listen to the minister’s sermon. But I’ve also been to churches like SsAM in Wilmington, Delaware where the homeless eat first and the members listen to them.

We often look at the Bible, The Koran, TheTorah and all other Holy books as if they are the thing. It hardly ever occurs to us that we must bring them to life.

Today look for ways to be the miracle:

·         Pack a lunch

·         Be willing to share it

·         Save what you have left

·         Share that too

Miracles happen every single day because you are the miracle.

Be you, be well, be miraculous

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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