Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 144 of Your Year to Wellness; When Life Happens

Life Only Happens When You are Living

Into each life a little rain must fall but then it stops raining. I am amused by the question of why bad things happen to good people; things happen to all people but when you are good and well and on your way to a balanced life, the recovery is so much easier.

Life happens, but it only happens when you are truly living. A woman once said to me that it seemed that something was always happening to me. She made this comment after hearing that one of my children had died. Knowing how fast and exact karma is, I quickly moved away from her.

If I had not said yes to raising my daughter, I could have avoided the death of a child. But I would have also missed out on the love and incredible light that she shared.

We often look at the challenges in life as if they are our life. It’s all in the perspective. Things happen and they happen to everyone; the question is how you will respond.

Today’s post is a reminder to you to

·         Celebrate your life

·         Learn from all lessons

·         Share what you have learned (experience is the best teacher, so when at all possible, learn from someone else’s difficult experience.)

·         Look at the patterns in your life and try to avoid those that keep resulting in pain

·         Do not rejoice in someone else’s calamity; even if you don’t like them

·         Be still and remember that nothing lasts always

Be you, be well, be alive
Bertice Berry, PhD


  1. I agree....

    Here's what I feel.... "Realizing that LIFE is a Journey where we each receive opportunities to learn lessons and revelations makes the journey even that much more precious."

  2. My daughter is a pediatric cardiac nurse and is currently at a conference where you are speaking. She called and suggested I check out your blog. I just joined. Your post reminded me of a time years ago shortly after my then 43 year old husband had just had a heart attack and then by-pass surgery. I was talking to my therapist at the time about my fear of losing him. She pointed out that I could choose to distance myself and protect myself from the possibility of experiencing the pain of losing him or I could fully embrace the experience. I chose the experience. As we shared our fears we grew closer and our relationship strengthened. I try to choose life even when it hurts. Thanks for you post.

    1. Thank you for sharing this and for joining in. I love the lesson you share and know others will as well. Peace and Grace. Bertice