Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 129 of Your Year to Wellness; Ready to Quit?

Onward ever, backward never

Are you Ready to Quit?
Forget everything you’ve been told about quitting; it is not easy. Quitting sneaks up on you like a lazy thief in the day light. No one ever stops working towards a goal all at once. We don’t just get up and declare that our goals are not worth the effort nor do we just sit down on the job.
Gradually, we ease out of our commitments one step at a time.  After great strides and accomplishments it’s a little less of this and a little more of that. We move away from our strides without a word about why or how.
This morning I have an early flight and the thought of not writing is rather tempting. I tell myself that no one is reading this and the moment I do I hear the sound of an email from someone writing about how something moved or change them. In that second, I tell myself to keep working, keep writing, keep getting better each day.
We all need encouragement; to give it and receive it. We need to tell one another to keep on keeping on; you’re doing a good thing.
I’m often amazed when someone comes up and says, “I know you hear this every day, but you’ve moved me.” I tell that wonderful person that while I may hear it every day, I have never heard it from them, more importantly though, the moment that I am encouraged is also the moment that I need it the most.
We are all at the point of the year when the New Year’s Resolutions are a thing of the past; a thought we had at the end of one season just as we were going into a new one. Witout all of the fanfare and collective commitment, it’s difficult to keep going.
Act as if today is the first day and you are ready and enthusiastic all over again.
I’m feeling like I’ve never written a post and all of my thoughts are new. I am committed to being better in spirit, mind and body and to finding the best ways to being the best me.
Step by step, inch by inch, let’s keep on keeping on towards our goals and dreams.
·         Pay attention to small deviations from your daily routines and healthy habits

·         Don’t allow your success to become an excuse to “celebrate” by indulging in the things you’ve given up.

·         If you’ve reached one goal, set a new one and keep getting better

·         Encourage someone else; what you give out always comes back.

Keep on keeping on; your dreams are just around the corner.

Be you, be well, be better

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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