Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 146 of YOur Year to Wellness; Miserable People

Stay in the Light

Miserable People and Why They Affect Us

We all know or work with someone who is; how can I put this delicately; down-right miserable. No matter what you do for, to or with them; they will still be miserable.
I’m not talking about a person who is down on their luck, or coming out of a difficult time; I’m talking about those folks who have made miserable their personality type. Nothing anyone says or does can make them less miserable. When things are going well, miserable people are no less miserable; in fact, when things are right, they seem to find even more to be upset with.
Miserable people are not the majority; they are rather rare, but their impact affects everyone they encounter. So much so that when the miserable person does not show up for work, everything flows so much better.
However, the miserable person rarely takes time off; which is why they have been on the job so long. They will work when no one else will, but they wake up and move about with that cloud over their head determined to make everyone else’s life miserable as well.
The real question is not why miserable people are miserable, because we can only change our own self. The real question is how and why we allow their mastery of misery to affect our work and purpose.
Here’s what I have observed:

n  Miserable people don’t really want to be miserable; they prefer to be around people who are joyous. Like everyone else, they too are attracted to the light. But they can’t stand that person who seems to rise above whatever is going on. They are envious of anyone who can be happy even when things are tough; so they will use any challenging situation to make you see and think the way they do.

n  Happy people often feel that it is their mission to enlighten the miserable person. While this is noble, it is also dangerous. I believe that it is your goal to help those who seek joy as well. The miserable person will be impacted by the joy of the whole but will see the brightest light as a threat and therefore seek to “take them out.”

n  When I encounter someone who is determined to be down on life I share my light but I am very cautious about being pulled into their attacks so I leave them to their own misery.

This may sound a little cruel, but if you know someone who is bent on being miserable when nothing is happening to them, life is beautiful even mean Joe Green is sharing the Coke (Okay, I know I just dated myself,) then you already know that the goal of the miserable person is to make everyone else miserable as well.
Raise your energy and your light and dance with those who can hear the music.
A negative vibration cannot dwell with one that is joyous; it will change or it will leave.

Be you, be well, be LIGHT
Bertice Berry, PhD.


  1. You're so right, Bertice! Howcome there really is a miserable person in our environments, especially at work? We all know that special person who is somehow tolerated in the organization. Thank you for the wonderful steps on how to discern... who to hang out with and share our light with. So, that we may shine our light brightly and not be dimmed by those who are determined to extinguish it! Love to all those who shine their light with purpose and truth, Ashley

  2. D Rigsby, Express Employment ProfessionalsMay 25, 2012 at 9:19 AM

    Enjoying your blog tremendously, thank you for the inspirations!

    1. Thanks so much. The feedback means a lot to me. You keep reading and I'll keep writing.