Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 141 of Your Year to Wellness; I might be dreaming but...

                                        What If?

What if we all worked on ourselves and were not bothered by what others thought about us?

What if we encouraged every child we encountered so that when they heard something negative; they were armed with all of our love?

What if we really did love our neighbor as our self; but came to realize that we needed to love our own self better?

What if we only spoke life, joy and laughter; never seeking to bring anyone down?

What if we spoke to everyone we encountered and shared our love and light willingly?

What if we cared more about our inside than we did our outside?

What if we sought to change ourselves and never desired to control another?

What if we said “I love you” more than we said “I just don’t like you?”

What if you really did control the climate?

What if thoughts were things and you were in charge of all of them?

What if you really could create your own reality?

What would you create?

What if you loved more deeply and started with you?

Be you, be well, dream bigger.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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