Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 147 of Your Year to Wellness; Working While Others Play

Put your time in;
pay day is coming afterwhile

No Time Off
(And a special request)
Someone usually has to tell me when there is a holiday. That’s because I work when there is work and sometimes that work is in another country on an American holiday.
This morning I thought about all of those folks who work while everyone else is on a break. There are lots of folks who do, which is why we can still go to the grocery store, gas station, hotel, spa, get on a plane or go to a  hospital.
I learned to work while others were off when I was a kid and then it was reinforced in college. I studied while others slept and did weekend work to get me through. Even now I get up while my house is silent and still, writing the blog and working on a novel.
We all need a break, but we also need to acknowledge the work that gets done while we sleep.
We should pay attention to the fact that while we water ski and barbeque; someone is doing a double shift just to stay afloat.
If you are that person who is working while others play; be proud, grateful and certain that work is a necessary part of life. We all have to pay our dues, some folks owe more than others; but when you work overtime and on holidays, you pay those dues back sooner.
My mother worked constantly. She had 7 kids to feed and there never seemed to be enough. She used to tell us to “Work like them ants.” My mother was referring to the ants in the book of Proverbs who worked during summer, storing up for the winter.
Yesterday, I got a request to work on my birthday; something I said I was tired of doing. It’s a benefit for kids with hearing loss. Dr. Shohet and his associates put it on every year to raise money for devices and implants for kids whose parents can’t afford them. They were trying to find a date that worked for my calendar and theirs, so November 12 ( my birthday) was the date. My sister/manager Jeanine let me know about the request for the date and I told her yes.
Please keep that date in mind. I’ll be 52 and I want 52 cents or 52 dollars from anyone who loves me. We are going to use it to help others hear.
I know this is an early notice; I’m giving you time to save up.
Which takes me to my point; when you are asked to work when others are playing; you get an early notice and it allows you to save up.
When you eat that hot dog or sleep that extra hour, say a word of thanks to those who work while you are off.
To those of you who are working; Thank you.
Be you, be well; work like them ants.
Bertie Berry, PhD.


  1. What address should the 52 dollars or 52 cents or 5.20 cents be sent?

    1. Thanks so much and thanks for making me laugh. YOu made my day
      Donations can be sent to:

      Tanya Penn
      President of HearAid Foundation
      446 Old Newport Blvd
      Newport Beach, CA 92663