Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 142 of Your Year to Wellness; A True Blessing

Illuminate the path
Being the Blessing
I know that I am truly blessed; that is I have an understanding that God is enough and with this I am happy.
Seriously, look it up. We go around all day telling others to have a blessed day, or saying “God bless,” but do we really have a true understanding of these powerful words?
I know that if I am to be blessed, then I must be a blessing to someone else. A real blessing is never one sided or all about me; it must be the right thing at the right time for all parties involved.
This week, I am with The National Training Institute for The American Association of Critical Care Nurses. There will be about 7,000 nurses from all over the U.S in attendance. They are blessed and they are a true blessing.
These are the folks who work 12 hour shifts with people who are critically and or terminally ill. If you know a critical care nurse, you already know that they have big hearts, but they also have amazing intelligence. They are wise and caring all in one being with a smile that can get you through your suffering either for this life or to the next.
My first encounter with critical care nurses was with the care of my mother at Memorial Hospital and Candler in Savannah, GA. The care and love they showed her in her last few years was amazing and still brings me to tears.
Last year, my daughter was in intensive care and was loved to life. She received excellent care and I received the love, hugs and tears of nurses who also wanted to make sure that I was okay.
I am humbled and moved by these folks. They love to laugh and they will share your tears. Their work is true Purpose work. They inspire me to be better.
Today, I’d like you to think of them and their Purpose as you reflect on your own.
·         Do you embody the standards of your profession?

·         Are you constantly learning and keeping up with the latest technology, research findings and certifications?

·         Do you truly care about your clients, customers and associates, or are they a number, a dollar sign, the bottom line?

·         When your customers succeed do you rejoice? When they don’t do you care?

·         Do you go home from work wondering if you could have done more?

I am blessed to know these amazing people. Now I must be a blessing to someone else.
Be you, be well, Be the blessing.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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